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Prof. Dr. Erhard Kemnitz

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Institut für Chemie
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
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The chemistry of inorganic solids has been long recognized as a field of innovation, and has increasingly resulted in new materials being made available for a variety of industrial uses. Our research involves the synthesis and characterization of high-surface metal fluorides, oxofluorides, oxides, as well as inorganic-organic hybrid materials, especially with respect to their potential capacity as solid Lewis or Brønsted acid catalysts for a variety of heterogeneously catalyzed organic reactions, as ceramic precursors, storage media and for optical applications. Different nanoporous fluoride, oxide and hybrid phases with large surfaces can be synthesized by, for example, template-controlled hydrothermal synthesis, sol-gel routes, mechanical milling, freeze-drying or spin coating.
Further research interests include the syntheses, structural motifs, and physical properties of new monocrystalline, highly-ordered solids and the chemical aspects of fluorocarbons for medical purposes.
Halogen and/or perfluoroalkyl functionalized fullerenes are interesting materials for several future applications which is a further research field of our group with a special focus on synthesis, characterisation and structure determination of new fullerene derivatives.

Former research interests were related to the preparation and characterization of hydrogen chalkogenates and monofluorophosphates, nanoporous zirconium phosphate fluorides and halogenometallates.


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