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Alumni - Bachelor Theses Since 1990

2018 - Linda Lange
Synthesis of potassium fluoromagnesate-Perowskites via the fluorolytic Sol-Gel Synthesis

2018 - Nils Knabe
Redispersable modified CaF2 nanoparticles

2017 - Madlin Eppens
Investigations on effect of milling anhancement on the mechanochemical reaction of alkaline eartrh fluorides with terephthalic acid

2017 - Nils Knoop
Designing size, shape, and stability of CaF2 nano particles in sols
Email: nilsknoop(ad)gmx.de

2016 - Jakob Benedikt Wolf
Characterization of partially fluorinated aluminium oxide
Email: jakob.wolf(ad)kabelmail.de

2016 - Julian Lothar Otto Grevesmühl
Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Functional Oxides
Email: julian.grevesmuehl(ad)student.hu-berlin.de

2016 - Maximilian Bäthge
Characterization of properties of antireflective layers formed by complex magnesium fluoroaluminates
Email: baethgem(ad)hu-berlin.de

2016 - Philipp Haida
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of Eu(III)- and Tb(III)-doped calcium-striontium fluoride nanocomposites
Email: philipp.haida(ad)gmx.de

2016 - Michael Sahre
Activation of small molecules at Lewis-acidic nanoscopic aluminium fluorides
Email: sahremic(ad)hu-berlin.de

2015 - Friedrich Fink
Synthesis of Eu3+- and Tb3+-doped BaF2 sols: Comparison of fluorescence properties with doped CaF2 and SrF2
Email: fink.friedrichweb.de

2015 - Dilcan Dirican
Activation of C-Cl and C-F bonds sp3 hybridized carbon atoms at Lewis-acidic surfaces.

2015 - Barbara Schröder
Systematic investigations of re-dispergation of metal fluoride nano particles
Email: barbara1990hotmail.de

2015 - Nicole Suss
Activation of fluoromethanes at surfaces of Lewis-acidic nanoscopic alumnium fluorides
Email: nicoleysussgmail.com

2015 - Victoria Wenshan Bünger
Mechanochemical synthesis of fluorine doped gamma-alumnium oxide

2014 - Steffen Breitfeld
Mechanochemical synthesis of MgF2-MF2 composite systems (M=Ca, Sr, Ba)

2013 - Anja Schroeder
Synthesis and properties of alkaline earth metal fluoride sols
Email: anjasch89aol.com

2012 - Florian Schütz
Advantages and limits of the sol gel synthesis of alkaline metal fluoro yttrates

2013 - Julius Plescher

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