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Alumni - Diploma/Master Theses Since 1990

2018 - TODO
Email: TODO

2017 - Sebastian Ilchmann
Methods for the quantification of differently functionalized PEG ligands on nanoparticles
Email: Sebastian.Ilchmann(ad)gmx.de

2017 - Jan Wuttke
A New Platinum-ACF-Catalyst: Toplogy and Reactivity

2016 - Christian Becker
Theoretical investigations on C-H-activation at alpha-aluminium fluoride surfaces
Email: bekerchr(ad)cms.hu-berlin.de

2016 - Steffen Breitfeld
Fluorine containing coordination polyhedra of the alkaline earth metals - mechanochemical synthesis and characterization
Email: SteffenBreitfeld(ad)gmx.de

2016 - Tobias Gerhardt
Photocatalytically active coating in varying support materials
Email: t.gerhardt(ad)gnf-berlin.de

2015 - Dennis Meinhold
First principle calculations of the partially fluorinated (1102)aluminium oxide surface and its interactions with water

2015 - Florian Schütz
Investigation of optical, mechanical and thermal properties of antireflective layers formed from nanoscopic metal fluoride sols
Email: schuetzfhu-berlin.de

2015 - Marcel Heise
Meachanochemical synthesis, structure and propperties of solid solutions of alkaline earth metal fluorides: M1-xM`xF2
Email: macelheisegmx.net

2015 - Sebastian Maaß
Synthesis of mixed calcium fluoride/magensium fluoride sols for antireflective coatings

2014 - Lukas Ahrem
Novel Substitutions for the Stabilisation of Scandia Zirconia
Email: ahremlukcms.hu-berlin.de

2013 - Norman Steinhoff
MgF2 and CaF2 sols for antireflective coatings on polymer surfaces

2013 - André Büssow
Dynamic light scattering studies on a colloidal glass former
Email: andrebuessow(&)googlemail.com

2013 - Agnieszka Siwek
Activation of halomethanes at Lewis acidic aluminium fluoride surfaces
Email: aga_siwek(&)web.de

2013 - Benjamin Ritter
Fluorolytic sol-gel synthesis and lumineszence propperties of rare earth metal doped nano-CaF2
Email: benjamin.ritter(&)gmx.net

2012 - Clemens Flügel
Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials Based on Magnesium Fluoride
Email: fluegelc(ad)hu-berlin.de>

2012 - Alexander Rehmer
Synthesis and Properties of Mixed Metal Fluoride Sols Based on Magnesium Fluoride
Email: rehmerax(ad)hu-berlin.de

2011 - Maik Dreger
Mechanosynthese von Erdalkalimetallfluoriden und erdalkalimetallhaltigen anorganisch-organischen Hybridsystemen

2011 - Felix Hemmann
FTIR- und NMR-spektroskopische Untersuchungen amorpher Aluminiumhydroxidfluoride

2011 - Larisa Schmidt
Synthese und Charakterisierung von Calciumfluorid- und Strontiumfluorid-Solen für Anwendungen in der Dentalmedizin

2010 - Dirk Broßke
Beschichtungen mittels nanoskopischer Fluorometallate

2010 - Ying Guo
Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscopic Metal Fluorides

2010 - Matthias Karg
Optimierung der Eigenschaften von Magnesiumfluorid-Solen zur Herstellung transparenter Schichten

2009 - Sven Brehme
Struktur und Eigenschaften mechanochemisch synthetisierter Aluminiumhydroxofluoridphasen

2009 - Katharina Teinz
Synthese und Charakterisierung nanoskopischer Metallfluoride für die Katalyse der Dehydrohalogenierung von 3-Chlor-1,1,1,3-tetrafluorbutan
Email: teinzkatstudent.hu-berlin.de

2009 - Kai-Ching Chang
Syntheses and Investigation of Perfluoropropylated Fullerenes
Email: kai-chingmx.de

2008 - Carsten Fritz
Synthesis of nanocomposit materials of magnesium fluoride in polymers
Email: carsten.fritzgmx.de

2008 - Julia Koch
Synthesis and characterization of aluminium alkoxide fluorides and aluminium alkoxide fluoride phosphonates in prensence of pyridine
Email: julia.kochalumni.hu-berlin.de

2008 - Johannes Noack
Hydrogen storage via metal fluoride catalysed chemisorption on magnesium
Email: johannes.noackchemie.hu-berlin.de

2007 - David Siegel
Vibrational characteristics of a range of C5 molecules

2007 - Tatyana Mutig
Synthesis and investigation of perfluoroalkylfullerenes
Email: TMutiggmx.net

2007 - Stefanie Kühl
Organically modified metal fluorides: inorganic-organic hybride systems via sol-gel-synthesis
Email: kuehlstecms.hu-berlin.de

2006 - René König
Magnetresonance investigations of local structures during sol-gel-synthesis of aluminium fluoride
Email: koenigrechemie.hu-berlin.de

2005 - Stefan Wuttke
Mechanistic investigations of the liquid phase hydration of 4-tert-butylamine
Email: wutsteweb.de

2005 - Pratap Patil
HS-AlF3 and MgF2 Supported Platinum and Paladium Catalysts: Synthesis and Characterization
Email: ptpchemyahoo.com

2005 - Hannes Krüger
Sol-gel-synthesis of nano-structured metal oxide and fluoride films for semiconnductor and optical applications
Email: hannes.kruegerchemie.hu-berlin.de

2003 - Elke Hoppe
Synthesis and characterization of vanadium doped zirconium oxides
Email: elke.hoppechemie.hu-berlin.de

2002 - Thoralf Krahl
Structure and properties of an amorphous aluminum fluoride
Email: thoralf.krahlgmx.net

2001 - Stefan Hannemann
Solid Lewis-acids with aluminum halogenide centres - synthesis, characterization and reactivity

2000 - Klaus Völker
18O-isotope exchange and catalytic activity of Cu-doped lanthanum cobaltates

1999 - Barbara Padeffke
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of supported platinum and palladium hydrodechlorination catalysts

1998 - Michael Brückner
18O-isotope exchange and oxidation behaviour of copper oxide compounds with different oxides

1997 - Veronika Quaschning
Synthesis and characterization of sulfated transition element oxides

1996 - Martin Wloka
Synthesis and characterization of new zirconium phosphatofluorides with 3D-structure

1995 - Burkart Adamzcyk
Synthesis and catalytic characterization of modified metal(III) fluorides

1995 - Anja Stiewe
Synthesis and structure of transition element hydrogen sulfates

1994 - Jana Hannig
The effect of Pd-doping on the structural and chemical properties of Bi2-xPbxSr2CaCu2Oy

1994 - Gerry Rother
Synthesis and characterization of cation modified aluminum oxides and fluoride

1994 - Heike Apsel
Modification of the HTSC-properties of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d by varying the oxygen content d

1992 - Carsten Stöcker
Development of a dynamic thermal mass spectrometric method for the detection of oxygen isotope exchange processes between oxygen containing gases and oxidic solids

1991 - Uwe Schedler
Design of an unit for the mass spectroscopic determination of oxygen

1990 - Sven Scheurell
Halogenation of Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O-HTSC-Phases

1990 - Annette Mühle
On the synthesis of potassium chlorofluoro ferrates(III)

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