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Alumni - Ph. D. Theses Since 1990

2018 - Valentina Scalise
Mechanochemical Synthesis of Low F-Doped Aluminium Hydroxide Fluorides

2018 - Lucas Ahrem
Fluorine Doped Aluminium Hydroxides and Oxides: Synthesis, Properties and Application as Heterogeneous Catalysts

2018 - Abdal-Azim Al-Terkawi
Fluorinated and Fluorine-Free Polymers Based on Alkaline Earth Metals via Mechanochemistry

2017 - Gisa Meißner
Heterogenous catalysis at an amorphous Lewis-acidic aluminium fluoride for the activsation of C-F- and C-Cl-bonds

2017 - Benjamin Ritter
Rare earth metal doped nano-CaF2-, SrF2-, and BaF2-phases

2017 - Felix Hanßke
Specific modification of particle surfaces: Interface stabilisation in solution and in 3D composites
Email: felix.hansske(ad)chemie.hu-berlin.de

2016 - Alexander Rehmer
Formation of nanoscopic calcium fluoride via sol-gel synthesis
Email: rehmerax(ad)hu-berlin.de

2015 - Dirk Broßke
Sol-Gel synthesis of nanoscaled binary and ternary metal fluorides
Email: brosske(ad)gmail.com

2015 - Matthias Karg
Fluorolytic sol-gel synthesis of magnesium fluoride -  mechanism and propperties
Email: matthias.kargchemie.hu-berlin.de

2015 - Larisa Schmidt
Synthesis and Characterization of nano-SrF2 and YbF3 for applications in dentistry
Email: la_schmidtgmx.net

2015 - Felix Hemmann
Quantification of acidic Lewis- and Bronsted surface sites of solids
Email: felix.hemmannbam.de

2014 - Ying Guo
Novel nanoscopic FeF3-based materials: synthesis, characterisation, and catalytic applications
Email: yguovonpku&gmail.com

2012 - Carsten Fritz
Inorganic-organic composite systems based on nanoscopic aluminium fluoride
Email: carsten.fritzchemie.hu-berlin.de

2012 - Kai-Chin Chang
Investigation of Higher Fullerenes: Trifluoromethylated Derivatives of C84 Cage Isomers
Email: kai-chingmx.de

2012 - Katharina Teinz
Precious metal loaded aluminium hydrixidefluorides as new heterogenous catalysts
Email: teinzkazchemie.hu-berlin.de

2011 - Johannes Noack
On the sol-gel synthesis of magnesium fluoride and inorganic-organic nanocomposites
Email: Johannes.Noack()chemie.hu-berlin.de

2011 - Tatjana Mutig
Synthesis and Investigation of Perfluoroalkylated Fullerenes
Email: TMutig()gmx.net

2010 - Christoph Stosiek
Structure and properties of nanoscopic metal (hydroxide)fluoride aluminium oxide composites

2010 - Ingo Buchem
Nanostructured aluminium fluoride layers
Email: ingo.buchem()gmx.de

2010 - Alf Pawlik
Silid State NMR investigations of the formation and structure of "High Surface"-AlF3, a highly distorted AlF3 synthesized according the fluorolytic sol gel route
Email: alf.pawlik()web.de

2009 - René König
Local structures of aluminium alkoxide fluorides and chemically similar crystalline compounds
Email: rene.koenig()basf.com

2009 - Stefan Wuttke
Sol-gel-synthesis and characterization of nanoscopic magnesium fluoride phases
Email: wutste()web.de

2008 - Pratap Patil
Nanoscopic metal fluoride based novel solid catalysts
Email: pratap.patil()catalysis.de

2008 - Hannes Krüger
Low temperature sol gel process for optical layer systems based on magnesium fluoride and titanium oxide
Email: hannes.krueger()bam.de

2008 - Mike Ahrens
Direct sol gel synthesis of Al-based metal fluorides of tetra and hexa fluorometalates
Email: mike.ahrens()gmx.net

2007 - Gehan Eltanany
Sol-Gel-Synthesis and Properties of Nanoscopic Aluminum Fluoride
Email: geltanany()yahoo.com

2005 - Thoralf Krahl
Amorphous aluminium chloride fluoride and -bromide fluoride - the strongest solid Lewis-acids known
Email: thoralf.krahl()gmx.net

2005 - Zhijian Li
Novel solid base catalysts for Michael additions
Email: zhijian.li()gmail.com

2005 - Kerstin Scheurell
Vanadium doped metal oxides and oxofluorides as catalysts for selective oxidation reactions
Email: scheurek()rz.hu-berlin.de

2004 - Ercan Uenveren
Characterization of chromia catalysts for Cl/F exchange reactions
Email: ercan.unveren()gmail.com

2003 - Irmina Kris Murwani
Mechanistic investigations of solid-gas reactions using temperature programmed isotope exchange
Email: irmina13()yahoo.de

2002 - Hamid Bozorg Zadeh
Catalytic conversions of chlorofluorocarbons into environmentally friendly compounds
Email: bozorgzadehhr()ripi.ir

2002 - Martin Wloka
New zirconium phosphatofluorides - synthesis, structure and thermal properties
Email: martin.wloka()gmx.net

2001 - Veronika Quaschning
Sulfated zirconium oxides as catalysts for FRIDEL-CRAFTS acylations
Email: veronika.wloka()basf.com

2001 - Hillary Prescott
The crystal structures and thermal behaviour of hydrogen monofluorophosphates and basic monofluorophosphates with alkali metal and N-containing cations

2000 - Burkart Adamzcyk
Cation and anion modified AlF3/CrF3-Phases as heterogeneous Fluorination catalyst

1999 - Anja Stiewe
Structural investigations on acid oxosalts

1999 - Kai-Uwe Niedersen
Kinetic and mechanism of the isomerization of 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethane on chromium(III)oxide

1999 - Olaf Böse
Characterization of the activation process of g-Al2O3  for catalyzed Cl/F exchange reactions

1999 - Carsten Werner
Structural investigation of hydrogen sulfates of alkali and alkaline earth metals

1994 - Sven Scheurell
The effect of anion modification on the chemical and physical properties of  Bi(Pb)-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O-HTSC-Phases

1994 - Andreas Kohne
Heterogeneous catalyzed halogen exchgange and surface propertis of  active solids

1994 - André Heß
Heterogeneous Cl/F-exchange on catalytically active solids

1993 - Till Olesch
Synthesis and gas phase halogenation of YBa2Cu3O7-x ceramices, synthesis of  YBa2Cu4O8 and chemical and physical characterization

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