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Journals 2006 - 2010



Metal fluoride materials with complex pore structure and organic functionality
J. Noack, K. Teinz, C. Fritz, St. Rüdiger and E. Kemnitz
J. Mater. Chem., 2011, 21, 334-338


One-Pot Synthesis of Methanol Catalyzed by a Highly Diastereoselective Au/MgF2 Catalyst
A. Negoi, St. Wuttke, E. Kemnitz, D. Macovei, V.I. Parvulescu, C.M. Teodorescu, S. Coman
Angew. Chem. 2010, 122, 8311-8315;   Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 3134-8138


The fluorolytic sol-gel reaction of aluminium alkoxides: a multinuclear MAS NMR study of structural influences of the synthesis paramaters
R. König, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz
J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. 2010, 56, 145- 156


Properties of Nanocrystalline Aluminium Oxide-Hydroxide Fluorides
Stosiek, Ch.; Scholz, G. Schroeder, S.L.M. Kemnitz, E.
Chem. Mater. 2010, 22, 2347-2356


Chlorination of C86 to C84Cl32 with Nonclassical Heptagon-Cointing Fullerene Cage Formed by Cage Shrinkage

I.N. Ioffe, Ch. Chen, Sh. Yang, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov

Angew. Chem. Int.Ed. 2010, 49, 4784-4787


Synthesis and molecular structures of heptafluoropropylated fullerens: C70(n-C3F7)8, C70(n-C3F7)6O, and C70(C3F7)4
T. Mutig, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
J. Fluorine Chem. 2010, 131, 861-866


Structure and properties of mechanochemically synthesized aluminium hydroxide fluoride phases AlFx(OH)3-x.nH2O
G. Scholz, S. Brehme, M. Balski, R. König, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Sciences 2010, 12, 1500-1506


Low temperature sol-gel metal oxide and fluoride layer stacks fro optical applications
H.Krüger, A. Hertwig, U. Beck, E. Kemnitz
Thin Solid Films 2010, 518, 6080-6086


Crystalline Aluminium Hydroxide Fluorides AlFx(OH)3-x *H2O: Structural Insights from 1H and 2H Solid State NMR and Vibrational Spectroycopy
G. Scholz, S. Brehme, R. König, D. Heidemann , E. Kemnitz
J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 114, 10535-10543


Synthesis and structure of cycloperfluoroalkylated derivatives of C-70, C70(C2F4) and C70(C4F8)n (n=1,6)
N.I. Gruzinskaya, A.I. Silin, I. Andrey, A.S. Pimenova, S. Anna, P.A. Khavrel, V.Y. Markov, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
New Journal of Chemistry 2010, 34, 243-249


Chlorides of Isomeric C78 Fullerenes: C78(1)Cl30, C78(2)Cl30, and C78(2)Cl18
E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Mendeleev Commun. 2010, 20, 74-76


Infrared Investigation of the Acid and Basic Properties of a Sol-Gel Prepared MgF2
St. Wuttke, A. Vimont, J.-C- Lavaley, M. Daturi, E. Kemnitz
J. Phys. Chem. C  2010, 114, 5113-5120


Synthesis of Vitamin K1 and K2-Chromanol by Fridel-Crafts Alkylation in Heterogeneous Catalysis
S.M. Coman, V.I. Parvulescu, St. Wuttke, E. Kemnitz
ChemCatChem 2010, 2, 92-97


Adsorption properties of various forms of aluminium trifluoride investigated by Pulse TA(R)
M. Feist, R. König, S. Bäßler, E. Kemnitz
Thermochim. Acta 2010, 498, 100-105



New C70(CF3)n isomers (n=12,14,16). Realkylation and addend rearrangementes

D.V. Ignatéva, T. Mutig, A.A. Goryunkov, N.B. Tamm, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov, L.N. Sidorov

Russ. Chem Bull., Int. Ed. 2009, 58, 1146-1154


Perfluorocycloalkilidene derivatives of [60]fullerene: C60(C4F8)n (n=2,3,4, and 6)
N.I. Gruzinskaya, A.S. Pimenove, P.A. Khavrel, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov

Russ. Chem. Bulletin, Int. Ed. 2009, 58, 2276-2282


Access to Lacal Structures of HS-AlF3 and Its Precursor Determiend by High Resolution Solid State NMR
A. Pawlik, R. König, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz, G. Brunklaus, M. Bertmer, C. Jäger
J. Phys. Chem. C 2009, 113, 16674-16680


Crystal Structures of C94(CF3)20 and C96(C2F5)12 Reveal the Cage Connectivities C94(61) and C96(1454) Fullerenes
N.B. Tamm, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009,48, 9102-9104


Sol-gel prepared nanoscopic metal fluorides - a new class of tunable acod-base catalysts
St. Wuttke, S.M. Coman, J. Kröhnert, F.C. Jentoft, E. Kemnitz
J. Cat. Today 2009, 153, 2-10


Aluminium Alkoxide Fluorides Involved in the Sol-Gel Synthesis of Nanoscopic AlF3
A. Dimitrov, J. Koch, S.I. Troyanov, E. Kemnitz
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2009, 5299-5301


Spectroscopic characterization of crystalline AlF3 phases
R. König, G. Scholz, K. Scheurell, D. Heidemann, I. Buchem, W.E.S. Unger, E. Kemnitz
J. Fluorine Chem. 2009, 131, 91-97


Synthesis and Structure of a Highly Chlorinated C78: C78(2)Cl30
S.I. Troyanov, N.B. Tamm, Ch. Chen, Sh. Yang and E. Kemnitz
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 2009, 635, 1783-1786


Electronic structure of Lewis acidic sites on high surface area aluminium fluorides: a combined XPS and ab initio investigation
A. Makarowicz, C.L. Bailey, N. Weiher, E. Kemnitz, S.L.M. Schroeder, S. Mukhopadhyay, A. Wander, B.G. Searle, N.M. Harrison
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2009, 11, 5654-5673


Isolation and Structural Characterization of the most Stable, Highly Symmetric Isomer of C60(CF3)18
N.A. Samokhvalova, P.A. Khavrel, V.Yu. Markov, P.S. Samokhvalov, A.A. Goruyunkov, E. Kemnitz, L.N. Sidorov, S.I. Troyanov
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2009, 2935-2938


Identification of AlFx(OR)y Species in Strongly Disordered Aluminum Isopropoxide Fluoride Solids: A Field-Dependent MAS BMR Study
R. König, G. Scholz, A. Pawlik, C. Jäger, B. van Rossum and E. Kemnitz
J. Phys. Chem. C 2009, 113, 15578-15585


Isolation and Structural X-ray Investigation of  Perfluoroalkyl Derivatives od Six Cage Isomers of  C84
L.B. Tamm, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Chem. Eur. J. 2009, 15, 10486-10492


Fusing Pentagons in a Fullerene Cage by Chlorination: IPR D2-C76 Rearrangements into non-IPR C76Cl24
I.N. Ioffe, A.A. Goryunkov, N.B. Tamm, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 5904-5907


Influence of milling, sonication and fluoride doping of pseudoboehmites on their phase transformation behaviour to corundum,
Ch. Stosiek, S. Brehme, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz,
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 29 (2009) 2713-2720


Investigation of the fluorolysis of magnesium methoxide
St. Wuttke, A. Lehmann, G. Scholz, M. Feist, A. Dimitrov, S.I. Troyanoc, E. Kemnitz
Dalton Trans. 2009, 4729-4734


Local Structural Changes in Aluminum Isopropoxide Fluoride Xerogels and Solids as Consequence of Progressive  Fluorination Degree
R. König, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz
J. Phys. Chem. C 113 (2009) 6426-6438


Synthesis and Structure of Fullerene Halides in the  C60-(TiCl4+Br2) System: Molecular Structures of (C60Cl5)2,C60X6, C60X8, and C60X24 (X=Cl, Br)
S.I. Troyanov, A.V. Burtsev, E. Kemnitz
Crystallography Reports 54 (2009) 242-249


Connectivity Patterns of Two C90-Isomers Provided by Structure Elucidation of C90Cl32
E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Angew. Chem. 121 (2009) 2622-2625


Synthesis and molecular structure of  pentafluoroetyl derivatives of C70: C70(C2F5)8 and C70(C2F5)10
N.B. Tamm, I.N. Ioffe, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Dalton Trans. 2009, 2740-2745


Mechanochemical synthesis of AlF3 with NH4F as fluorinating agent - Does it work?
G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Sciences 11 (2009) 676-682


An empirical model to calculate 19F isotropic chemical shifts in alkali hexafluoroaluminates
A. Ahrens, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz
J. Fluorine Chem. 113 (2009) 383-388


Synthesis and molecular structures of heptafluoroisopropylated fullerenes: C60(i-C3F7)8, C60(i-C3F7)6, and C60(CF3)2(i-C3F7)8
T. Mutig, St.M. Avdoshenko, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
J. Fluorine Chem. 130 (2009) 241-247


Trifluormethyl derivates of fullerene C70, C70(CF3)2, C70(CF3)8 and C70(CF3)14
T. Mutig, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Mendeleev Commun. 19 (2009) 30-31


Cyclisation of citronellal over heterogeneous inorganic fluoride-highly
diastereoselective catalaysts for (±)-isopulegol
S.M. Coman, P. Patil, St. Wuttke, E. Kemnitz;
Chem. Commun. 2009, 460-462



Synthesis and Crystal Structure of RbKLiAlF6 - the First Al-Elpasolite with Three Different Alakli Metals
M. Ahrens, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz,
Z. Anorg. Alg. Chem. 634 (2008) 2978-2981


Moderate temperature sol-gel deposition of magnesium fluoride films for optical applications: A study on homogeneity using spectroscopic ellipsometry
H. Krüger, E. Kemnitz, A. Hertwig, U. Beck
Phys. Stat. Sol. 2008, 205, 821-824


Novel Sol-Gel Synthesis of acidic MgF2-x(OH)x materials
St. Wuttke, S.M. Coman, G.Scholz, H.Kirmse, A.Vimont, M.Daturi, S.L.M. Schroeder, E.Kemnitz
Chem. Eur. J. 14 (2008) 11488-11499


Catalytic performance of nanoscopic - AlF3 based catalysts in the synthesis of (all-rac)-alpha-tocopherol
S. M. Coman, S. Wuttke, A. Vimont, M. Daturi and E. Kemnitz
Adv. Synth. Catal., 350 (2008) 2517-2524


On the influence of humidity on the mechaniochemical reaction between NaF and AlF3
G. Scholz, M. Feist, E. Kemnitz,
Solid Satte Sciences
10 (2008) 1640-1650


Liquid phase oxidation of ethylbenzene on pure and metal doped HS-ALF3
I. K. Murwani, K. Scheurell, E. Kemnitz,
Cat. Com.
10 (2008) 227-231


VOx doped Al2O3 and AlF3 - a Comparison of Bulk, Surface and Catalytic Properties
K. Scheurell, G. Scholz, A. Pawlik, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Sciences 10 (2008) 873-883


Mechanical Activation of alpha-AlF3: Changes in the Structure and Reactivity
G. Scholz, R. König, B. Angelow, I. Dörfel, E. Kemnitz
Chemm. Mater. 20 (2008) 5406-5413


Coupling Sol-Gel Synthesis and Microwave-Assisted Techniques: A New Route from Amorphous to Crystalline High-Surface Aluminium Fluoride
D. Dambournet, G. Eltanany, A. Vimont, J.-C. Lavalley, J.-M. Goupil, A. Demourgues, E. Durand, J. Majimel, St. Rüdiger, E. Kemnitz* J.M. Winfiled, A. Tressaud*
Chem. Eur. J. 2008, 14, 6205-6212


Crystalline aluminium hydroxy fluorides – suitable reference compounds for 19F chemical shift trend analysis of related amorphous solids
R. König, G. Scholz, R. Bertram, E. Kemnitz
J. Fluorine Chem. 129 (2008) 598-606


Synthesis and structure of halogenated fullerenes C70X10 (X = Br, Cl) and C78Cl18
A.I. Burzev, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov,
Kristallografia 53 (2008) 676-680, Cryst.Rep. 53 (2008) 639-644


Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Four Isomers of C70(n-C3F7)8
T. Mutig, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2008, 3256-3259


Supported high surface AlF3: a very strong solid Lewis acid for catalytic applications
G. Eltanany, St. Rudiger, E. Kemnitz
J. Mater. Chem., 2008, DOI: 10.1039/b718989c


A comparative study of surface acidity in the amourphous, high surface area solids, aluminium fluoride, magnesium fluoride and magnesium fluoride containing iron(III) or aluminium(III) fluorides
M. Nickkho-Amiry, G. Eltanany, St. Wuttke, St. Rüdiger, E. Kemnitz, J.M. Winfield
J. Fluorine Chem. 129 (2008) 366-275


Sol-Gel Synthesis of Metal Fluorides Supported Pd Catalysts for Suzuki Coupling
Pratap T. Patil, A. Dimitrov, J. Radnik and E. Kemnitz
J. Mater. Chem., 18 (2008) 1632 - 1635


Non-aqueous Sol-Gel Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Properties of Metal Fluoride Supported Palladium Nanoparticles
P. T. Patil, A. Dimitrov, H. Kirmse, W. Neumann, E. Kemnitz
Appl. Catal. B, Env. 78 (2008) 80-91


Regioselective synthesis and crysatl structure of C70(CF3)10[C(CO2Et)2]
N.S. Ovchinnikova, D.V.Ignateva, N.B. Tamm, S.M. Avdoshenko, A.A. Goryunkov, I.N. Ioffe, V.Y. Markov. S.I. Troyanov, L.N. Sidorov, M.A. Yurovskaya, E. Kemnitz
New J. Chem. 32 (2008) 89-93


Crystal and molecular structure of C2-C70(CF3)8 1.5PhMe
T. Mutig, I.N. Ioffe, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Mendel. Comm. 18 (2008) 73-75


Transparent MgF2-films by sol-gel coating: Synthesis and optical properties
H. Krüger, E. Kemnitz, A. Hertwig, U- Beck
Thin Solid Films 516 (2008) 4175-4177


Mg6F2(OMe)10(MeOH)14 – ein Alkoxifluorid eines Erdalkalimetalls
A. Dimitrov, S. Wuttke, S. Troyanov, E. Kemnitz
Angew. Chem. 120 (2008) 196-198, Angew. Chem. Inter. Ed. 47 (2008) 190-192



Fluoroalkylated fullerenes in the system C60/70-C2F4I2
A.S. Pimenova, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Eur.J. Org. Chem. 2007, 4999-5002


New trifluoromethylated derivatives of [60]fluuerene, C60(CF3)n with n=12 and 14
I.N. Ioffe, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Chem. Com. (2007) 4794-4796


Synthesis, structural investigation, and theoretical study of pentafluorethyl derivatives of [60]fullerenes
N.B. Tamm, S.M. Avdoshenko, E. Kemnitz, S.I.Troyanov
Rus. Chem. Bul, Intern. Ed. 56 (2007) 915-921


Structural study of VOx doped aluminium fluoride and aluminium oxide catalysts
K. Scheurell, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Chem. 180 (2007) 749-758


Bis(1,10-phenantholine) (2,2,6,6-tetramethylheptane-1,5,dionato)potassium(I)benzene sesquisolvate
D. M. Tsymbarenko, I.E. Korsakov, A.R. Kaul, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Actay Cryst. (2007) E63, m2195


Alkaline earth fluorides and their complexes: A sol-gel fluorination study
U. Gross, St. Rüdiger, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Sciences 9 (2007) 838-842


ransparent ceramics from sol-gel derived elpasolites by cold pressing
M. Ahrens, K. Schuschke, S. Redmer, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Sciences 9 (2007) 833-837


V.B. Rybakov, A.A. Bush, S.I. Troyanov, E.V. Babaev, E. Kemnitz
Acta. Cryst. (2007) E63, 03620


V.B. Rybakov, A.A. Bush, S.I. Troyanov, E.V. Babaev, E. Kemnitz
Acta. Cryst. (2007) E63, 03619


Singly-bonded Fullerene dimmers: neutral (C60Cl5)2 and cationic (C70)22+
S.I. Troyanov, E. Kemnitz
Chem. Commun., 2007, 2707-2709


Vibrational Analysis Study of Aluminum Trifluoride Phases
U. Groß, St. Rüdiger, E. Kemnitz, K.-W. Brzezinka, S. Mukhopadhyay, A. Wander, N. Harrison
J. Phys. Chem. A, 2007, 5813-5819


Local Structural Changes at the Formation of Fluoride Sols and Gels: A Mechanistic Study by Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy
R. König, G. Scholz, N.H. Thong, E. Kemnitz
Chem. Mater. 19 (2007) 2229-2237


F/Cl-Exchange on AlCl3-Pyridine Adducts: Synthesis and Characterization of trans-Difluoro-pyridine-aluminium-chloride [AlF2[Py)4]+Cl-
A. Dimitrov, D. Heidemann, E. Kemnitz
Inorg. Chem. 45 (2006) 10807-10814


Real Sol-Gel Synthesis of Catalytically Active Aluminium Fluoride
St. Rüdiger, G. Eltanany, U. Groß, E. Kemnitz
J. Sol-Gel. Sci. Tech. 41 (2007) 299-311


Determination of the Acidity of High Surface AlF3 by IR Spectroscopy of Adsorbed CO Probe Molecules
T. Krahl, A. Vimont, G. Eltanany, M. Daturi, E. Kemnitz
J. Phys. Chem. C 111 (2007) 18317-18325



Comparative structural investigation of aluminium fluoride solvates
E. Kemnitz, U. Groß, St. Rüdiger, G. Scholz, D. Heidemann, S.I. Troyanov, I.V. Morosov and M.-H. Lemée-Cailleau
Solid State Sciences 8 (2006) 1443-1452


Structure of 1,4,10,19,25,41-C70(CF3)6, isomer with unique arrangement of addends
E.I. Dorozhkin, D.V. Ignat´eva, N.B. Tamm, N.V. Vasilyuk, A.A. Goryunkov, S.M. Avdoshenko, I.N. Ioffe, L.N. Sidorov, P. Pattison, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
J. Fluorine Chem. 127 (2006) 1344-1348


Application of an alkoxide sol-gel route for the preparation of complex fluorides of the MAlF4 (M = K, Cs), M3AlF6 (M = Li, Na, K) and M5Al3F14 type
M. Ahrens, G. Scholz, M. Feist, E. Kemnitz
Solid State Sciences 8 (2006) 798-806


Sol-Gel-fluorination synthesis of amourphous magnesium fluoride
J. Krishna Murthy, U. Groß, St. Rüdiger, E. Kemnitz, J.M. Winfield
J. Solid State Chem. 179 (2006) 739-746


Preparation, crystallographic characterization and theoretical study of two isomers of C70(CF3)12
D.V. Ignateva, A.A. Goryunkov, N.B. Tamm, I.N. Ioffe, S.M. Avdoshenko, L.N. Sidorov, A. Dimitrov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Chem. Commun. 2006 1778-80


Selective Synthesis of a Trifluoromethylated Fullerene and the Crystal Structure of C60(CF3)12
S.I. Troyanovm A. Dimitov, E. Kemnitz Angew. Chem. 118 (2006) 2005-08, Angew.
Chem. Int. Ed. 45 (2006) 1971-74


Preparartion, Crystalographic Characterization, and Theoretical Study of C70(CF3)14
A.A. Goryunkov, D.V. Ignatéva, N.B. Tamm, N.N. Moiseeva, I.N. Ioffe, S.M. Avdoshenko,V.Yu. Markov, L.N. Sidorov, E. Kemnitz, S.I. Troyanov
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2006, 2508-2512


Aluminium Chloride as a Solid Is Not a Strong Lewis Acid
J. Krishna Murthy, U. Groß, St. Rüdiger, V.V. Rao, V.V. Kumar, A. Wander, C.L. Bailey, N.M. Harrison and E. Kemnitz
J. Phys. Chem. B 110 (2006) 8314-19
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